Friday, October 10, 2008

The Train Station

image Dr Val

Last night I had a chance to join Dr Anonymous on his world famous Thursday evening show. It was great to hook up with fellow bloggers, Dr A, Dr. Val, Dr Rob and many others in the health train station.

For those of you who have not heard, Dr Val has changed 'networks'. Her new blog, which I call  'soft & fluffy' , address is   .

Dr Val  has interview posts from Mike Huckabee, Grant Hill, Maria Menounos, Bob Schieffer,Phylicia Rashad, and Dr.

Richard Carmona.

Here is your chance to learn from "Bones" of Star Trek fame. It seems he had troubles with reimbursements as well.

As usual Dr. Val shows her creative flare....this is going to be a great blog and web site...Watch out Oprah and The View..

Congratulations to Dr. Val!!!!  You are no longer homeless.

Dr. L

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