Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health Train-----I'll catch the next one.

I  am not going to watch tonite's debate. I know all I need to know. In fact I am not going to listen or watch anymore political debates.  There seems to be a total lack of common sense. My criteria for choosing our next President lies in the measure of the candidates.  Listen to Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma.

Not their academic prowess

image image image


Not their marital history....unless it borders on the promiscuous at this time

Not their race or sex

Not their promises

Not their idea of  health care reform

Not their solution for the economic crisis.

I will not base it upon slick oratory, charisma, and/or rhetoric.

 image image

I will base it upon their fundamental belief in all the citizens of the United States.

I will base it upon who paid for their education, and fundamental beliefs in the constitution.

I will base it upon who they 'hang out with'.


image (Photoshop mash up)

I will base it upon to whom they are loyal.


I will base  it upon their life demonstration to America and thier underlying belief system.

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