Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Health Train 2008

Health 2.0's annual conference begins tomorrow in San Francisco. Although registration deadline has passed and there are over 900 attendees, an additional room has been opened across the hall from the main room.  There will be large screen presentations, and audio.  You will be able to attend the breakout sessions, and exhibit hall.

You can't go in the ballroom for the main sessions, but you can attend the breakout sessions, the exhibit hall, the "unconference" lunch, the IDEO session (there are actualy only limited spaces available anyway


Prognosticators are theorizing how our current economic crisit will affect health care reform and what the impact will be on Health 2.0, Web 2.0 and health information technology adoption.

HIT funding has been slow at the best....will this kill it?  Or will it drive Health IT due to the necessity of cost containment, and efficiency?


Richard Reece M.D. analyzes our current predicament(s) and gives a futuristic prediction for HealthCare 2020 at


image Richard Reece, M.D. (photo from his blog)

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