Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Barracuda Express

image photo source: Bully Pulpit

Sarah Palin, the quintissential girl next door,tomboy, beauty queen, fish, Annie  Oakley, David & Goliath, Esther, here in Southern California. Because I am an ophthalmologist I am most strongly attracted by her eye wear...(LASIK SURGEONS, stay away from my girl) and don't even think about using her photo for a testimonial to your "greatness" as a lasik surgeon), a surefire way to tank your practice.

(Marry me, Sarah)

Like most Democrats and Republicans alike, I measure Sarah  Palin by what I observe on the tube.  Some of us are looking for the 'savior' to save us from what is surely a big mess. No fancy words are needed here, and perhaps this is why and what Sarah is all about.  She is not, and has not been a part of the problem  in the lower 49 states.  Give us energy....she has the energy in more ways than one.  We can't measure her by her quantum of expertise in foreign affairs, economics, good old boy networking,the altitude of her formal education,nor her accomplishments in social justice. (does Alaska have a slum, ghetto, or downtrodden masses?  Perhaps the native Innuit's serve that role in Alaska....but we never hear much about them.

Does Alaska have to deal with droves of illegal aliens crossing the frozen tundra in search of work?  Perhaps now that the drill, drill, drill proponents have there way there will be a need for 'cheap labor' that Americans don't want to do'...(we had better start building the bridge across the Bering Strait

The last great invasion into Alaska dates back tens of thousands of years when North America was populated by the Asian throngs.

Today I will measure her.  I will be at her speech in the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA , perhaps chosen, by no accident since it is the home of the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer team.


(close to Los Angeles) to listen, observe, smell, and feel the 'energy' and it's effect on the audience.....a much more accurate assessment than the biased media reports of the cable network channels, who espouse the convictions of their owners.

On Monday I'll be bok (I'm from Caleeforneea) to espouse my humble opinion and return to health care issues.

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