Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Orleans

New Orleans, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana,Missippi, Alabama and Texas are faced with yet another challenge.  However this time they were prepared by being proactive. There was intense cooperation between many disparate organizations for the better good.

What a terrific example and inspiration for success...These folks did not have much of a choice, and what happened was not totally dependent upon financing, under very adverse conditions.

It was a life or death decision to survive.

To me, the comparison between that scenario and health care is obvious.  Can we survive if we do nothing? Can we come together to overcome our disparity?  Will we drown if we do nothing?



Do we have inspirational leaders who can step back, make decisions, or will we continue to have 'committee meetings" and never ending micromanagement, fixes and patches to shore up our dysfunctional health system?

The balkanization of United States health care has created a churning mixture of oil and water, immiscible...the only thing that keeps it going is the constant stirring of the cauldron.  The surge of water over topping the canals reminds me of our system being overwhelmed as well.

Let's pray for the people of the Gulf States.  Volunteer your time, raise funds, give generously to the Red Cross, and your faith based organizations whose mission is to aid the flood victims.

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