Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Health Train----continued

Last visit I was pontificating about the financial underpinnings of the financial markets and the parallel aspects of healthcare.

One of the most compelling reasons for not adopting a universal payor system  is that it mimic many negative aspects of the federal government....increased regulatory mechanisms, inertia,inbred obsolence, guarranteed employment for civil servants regardless of their "outcomes" and payment for non-performance.

Do you want all that  power and authority placed in the hands of one, or several governmental officials??



(L-R)  The financial 'rainmakers"

Fed Reserve Chairman Bernake & Senator Tom Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Financial Oversight Committee.

All these 'trusted public servants' should be more than disciplined, and perhaps fired.

Imagine now this is the  Federal Health Care Reserve Board.

We already hear  the "blame game"....where were these folks? And where was the United States Congress? There are a litany of excuses..

!!Keep these people out making  health care decisions!

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