Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Quote of the day:
Men live in a fantasy world. I know this because I am one, and I actually receive my mail there. - Scott Adams


The above quote has nothing to do with my post today.

Today is a bittersweet day for many Americans. We celebrate today in a variety of ways, picnics, trips to the river,  barbecues with friends, and relatives. Many Americans bear fresh grief from the loss  of a loved one, a husband,  a mother or a father, sister or brother, uncles, (aunts).  

We live near a national cemetery and today there will be a procession of automobiles, motorcycles, and families.  There  will be flowers and mementos left at gravesides.

For me this particular national cemetery is personal and special.

We tend to forget that not all who are  buried there were killed in action, but were veterans who served, and their spouses.

My father and  mother were  born in New York,my wife's mother and family were born in  California,  yet by some alignment of the universe, they  were all buried here, just two miles from our home.  I anticipate my wife and I will lie here together as well.

Our children will be able to visit " the family plot".

We should also remember the physicians,and nurses,and other healthcare providers who serve our country, some  have died in the course of military service and others in civilian service, the ones who  die in air ambulances that crash, or contract a fatal infectious disease while caring for others.

We live in a poignant moment for our country and the world.

Despite our challenges we as physicians must remember our moral compass at a time when politicians, and citizens  struggle to make a correct decision,  when there is no one decision to be made.

My  thoughts are on all who served,   and some  who died so that I,my  friends and children live  in  our country, although imperfect, strives for the ideals of freedom, liberty and individual rights.

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