Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reading Below the first Blog Entry

Like most things , blog readers have short attention spans. How many of you read beyond the first or second entry.

I thought I would summarize a few items that are posted on the left hand side of the blog, or you can read it here. (have I lost you already?)

This blog is meant to "stimulate" discussion about all things regarding health care changes.  I invite readers to comment.

Anyone who would like to write a guest entry may contact me directly at .

You may notice I have a few blog links down the left hand side of my blog.  I rarely have my coffee in the AM without obsessing over Surgeon's Blog, Medinnovation, Panda Bear, Kevin MD, Edwin Leap and at time Health Care Blog. If I am in the mood to be nauseated I will read "Leavitt's Blog"  This is not a personal attack on Michael.....( it has everything to do with our schizophrenic CMS).Michael Leavitt  has had a long and distinguished career as an administrator and  "policy maker".  I also think  he is on our side. (Depending on who "our' is. (I know that is a a broken fragment since my ABC tells me  so, but it sounds nice.

Anyway to get back from my ramble readers are invited (encouraged) to link to my site (please). I need some more hits otherwise my spouse will make me do  more house chores.

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