Saturday, February 16, 2008


Can physicians make the changes necessary to continue to provide quality care, while at the same time beseiged by increasing demands on the part of insurers, CMS, patients,etc.


There is no doubt there are many others willing to "steer" the boat, and relatively few physicians participate in organized medical associations. We are divided, fractured and all but trampled upon.  Chaos reigns supreme....mostly because we are not pro-active. 

Our political leaders are all chanting "CHANGE"  !!

The initial phases of information technology and how it applies to the medical industry has just begun.  Although it has not yet reached critical mass the "growth curve" indicates a steady incremental increase in the number of users of health information systems, of which  EMR is only a part.

The Annual HIMSS meeting which is taking place this week has progressively increasing attendance, a reflection of the market potential of this technology.

Many "hospital systems", large groups have or in the rollout phases of their EMRs. 

There can be no doubt that once a "critical mass" is obtained, those providers who do not utilize this tool will be at significant risk of economic and referral disadvantage.  As true of most decision-making it is much better to be proactive and be on the leading edge rather than the trailing adopter.

Adopting EMR is far more than purchasing a system. It requires "change management" of how your support system flows.

For those using EMR, despite the transitional challenge, most say they would  "never go back ".

So, who are the We's?? In my opinion it is YOU and I.

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