Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What didn't Occur in 2007!

As 2008 begins I started out to clean house. This included defragmenting my hard drive, checking on my windows updates, deleting about 1 GB of uneeded files, running my AV program, anti-spam program, tuning my router, checking my download speeds, and other mundane tasks.

I also updated my list of goals for 2008 and beyond. Looking back on 2007 and further beyond I realized a great number of things had not occurred.

1.Universal Health Care. Except for Massachussetts, had not occured.

2. The number of uninsured  had not decreased.

3. There still was no worldwide epidemic of SARS virus. The pandemic event that was predicted to "thin" the human population still lurks.

4. RHIOs had a very dismal year.

5. Adoption of EMR has failed to "take off" as predicted.

5. CMS and Social Security had failed to go bankrupt, However the bean counters, statisticians and others continued to "see the future" as bleak.

6. The annual SGR adjustment did not go into effect on January 1, 2008 as scheduled.

7. Physicians have not stood together regarding opposition to pay for performance, (or reporting).

8. The number of medical school applicants stopped it's five year decline.

9. I did not quit practicing medicine. (I still like patients)

10 I did not get recertified

11. I did not lose my medical license.

12. I did forget to renew my DEA.

13. HMOs and insurance carriers did not raise my reimburment but did warn us that they will reduce our reimbursement if we don't adopt P4P and HIT.

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