Thursday, December 27, 2007

Predictions for 2008 (And beyond)

It's that time of year for resolutions and futurist's predictions. I am a frequent reader of Medinnovations blog by Richard Reese, M.D. Dr Reese is a far more eloquent and articulate writer than I could ever hope to be. As a retired pathologist he sees the big picture from afar.
Amongst his predictions at his website, are commentary about RHIOs and EMRs. Despite the fact that I have been a proponent for RHIOs, HIEs and the like I have seen little progress for connectivity. There has been slow adoption of EMR. Physicians do need portals to access lab and imaging results from other sources. No doubt the physician wannabees and other "controllers" of our medical destiny (as well as the health IT sector) want to see all of this put into place. Physicians, while attempting to remain proactive find themselves sadly far behind the power curve, and and most are certainly not in the position to invest in this technology for many reasons. While most if not all providers who have adopted EMR state "they would not go back", this is a very biased answer since they have invested thousands of dollars into their "systems". (would you negate your investment with a negative evaluation?) .

In an election year the politicians in either party will be jockeying regarding their positions in regard to health care funding. Implementing Health IT is a solution that on the surface is politically correct.

My evaluation is "the jury is still out" . It is far too early to sign the death certificate for RHIOs.

Happy New Year to all.
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