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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Health 2.0 Conference Results

Three years ago I had no idea how blogging would provide a platform for everyone and anyone interested in health care. The spectrum of participants ranges from physicians, payors, patients, political pundits, and others.
This forum lies outside the framework of "officialdom"; It has become the water cooler and allows much intercourse. Early on there were some disputes and "retaliation" against employees when their opinions reached "management".....However I believe freedom of speech issues prevailed as long as there was no libel or slander involved.

This year's Health 2.0 was planned for 200 participants, and over 400 registered. The introduction piece was very impressive. I am providing the link here. Health 2.0 Intro-

The video by scribemedia was truly impressive:

While most reporters waxed on enthusiastically, the San Jose Mercury News threw some cold water on Health 2.0, most of which was unwarranted. They criticized health 2.0 and the blogs as not being well grounded in 'business models'. While some blogs do generate revenue, most proponents of health 2.0 blogs or health blogs in general did not nor want to have a rigid business model....I am also sure some will develop entrepeneurial motives or at least there blogs will network them into "greener" pastures.

I also think that unrecognized is the fact that Web 2.0 applicatons are rapidly being deployed for EMRs, Practice management systems, and other applications for healthcare. These applications do away with the heavy cost of capitalizing for hardware, ie servers, etc. A monthly subscription fee covers maintenance, upgrades, and technical support.

Without a doubt the environment of health blogging is one of free speech, enthusiasm, and just plain "glory" at seeing one's words printed on the world wide web. It is a great "equalizer."

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