Friday, September 28, 2007

Featured Interview

This week I had an unplanned interview with Heather McGuire of Within3.   It started out for me as a "show and tell" regarding RHIO development and my "new" self sustaining business model, which frankly still is not a proven model.  Heather reciprocated and introduced me to  Within3. The site is based upon social networking of research scientists and clinicians. In order to gain access one must be recommended by a peer.  Members are thoroughly vetted to be listed on their site.  You can see their site by clicking on Within3 above.  The site has a search function as well.  You can search by disease and it will take you to a number of authorities on the subject, not only that but it will search Pubmed and bring up their articles as well under their name. The site also has their curriculum vita and other interesting things about that person.  There is much more to the site, but I will point you in that direction to find out for yourself.  It is still in early beta....but the concept seems exciting.  If successful, this will continue the revolution in search methodology.

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