Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hot Weather and HotTopics

Stop, don't click away just because you think you have arrived at the wrong site. As I promised there were going to be some fresh changes at Health Train Express. Not only has Elvis left the building, but so too has Health Train Express.

Every summer at this time of August I mention how fast the summer has gone by. Well, just when I think it's's not. The forecast for the next week is 100-107 degrees. As Yogi Berra has said "It ain't over until it's over".

So too is my forecast about P4P, RHIOs, and EMRs. No one can easily predict the outcomes in this arena. However it certainly fuels entrepeneurial minded providers, third party administrators and a variety of industry vendors into a fury of Category 5 storms.

One of my favorite blogs is that of Phillipa Kenneally, The Entrepeneurial MD. She regularly hosts podcast interviews at her site, which can be found at Her guests are often "out of the box" innovators with examples of where many physicians go when they are not seeing patients.

Richard Reece's blog, medinnovation now has a link on my site . This retired pathologist living along the banks of Long Island Sound will give you much food for thought from his experiences and knowledge base of 30 years of clinical pathology experience, much of which has nothing to do with looking through a microscope.

We will be taking a two week break until after Labor Day, when we will return to continue our new "look" to our blog.
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