Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reality Check

I recently navigated over to the "TOP 100 HEALTHCARE BLOGS" ranking, and found that my blog was down in the 300s. The top 3 were "Random Acts of Reality" "Medgadget" and "Bad Science"
I also noted that technorati seemed to play a significant role in popularity of the "winners"

In the past I have written a great deal about health information exchange and RHIOs. From what I learned in the past three years I have altered my course and given up on the idea of "warp speed" and will depend upon "Impulse engines".

There certainly appears to be no impuslivity as it pertains to EMRs nor HIEs.

I sent out letters this past week regarding the "NEW PLAN" to bring EMR and HIE to our region of Southern California. Today is a clear day and I can look out over most of it and see all the way from Mt Wilson to Mt San Gorgonio and San Jacinto. As an aviator I can say
"CAVU". A properly paced mirror or antenna on anyone of these peaks would serve as a "beacon" for the hub of a health information exchange. If TV and Radio stations can do that then why not health information? Would this be a "disruptive technology" or a "catalytic innovation"

Funding seems to be a barrier to implementation of EMR and HIE. Why not an excise tax like the 911 excise tax on phone bills to provide emergency services? Certainly health care is important enough to our society that there lies a real basis for this to fund EMR and health IT. It spreads out the fiancial support to almost everyone evenly.

For those of you in our local region who read this I hope you will respond to my letter and email regarding the HHS grant for HIE. Hopefully your administrative assistant did not file it in the round file. Personally I tire of the voicemail trees and the voicemail...

On another note. one of my colleagues wanted to test the capacity of his servers. He posted a comment about "Daniel Radcliffe Naked". Within one day Google had picked up this post and his site hits went up by 10000 hits/day.

The name of my new post shall be "Daniel Radcliffe Naked" in the Health Information Age.
BTW for those of you over age 40 Daniel is the actor who plays Harry Potter.

From the desert to the sea

Your willing sevant.
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