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Before you buy that EMR

CCHIT, or the Certification Committee for Health Information Technology

This is the latest compilation of electronic medical records that meet the standards regarding functionality, and interoperability

CCHIT’s inspection process is a rigorous test of electronic health record (EHR) products using two methods: jury-observed demonstration and inspection of self-attestation materials.

To complete this testing, CCHIT empanels a team of three clinical jurors, one of whom must be a practicing physician, and an IT security evaluator to assess a product’s conformance to the CCHIT certification criteria. The inspection occurs by observing the performance of the applicant’s product in executing a series of test scripts and reviewing required materials supplied by the applicant.

Provider Jurors
Lee Barnhart, RN, ADN
Clinical Analyst
MD Buyline
Judy Boesen, RN, BGS, MAM
Colorado Otolaryngology Associates, PC
Dan Brewer, MD
Associate Professor
University of Tennessee
Teresita Bushey, MA, APRN-BC
Adult Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Faculty
College of St. Scholastica
Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP
Chief Operating Officer
First Class Solutions, Inc.
Jennifer Garvin, PhD, MBA
Medical Informatics Postdoctoral Fellow
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Linda Hogan, PhD
VP, Clinical Informatics & Operations
Pittsburgh Mercy Health System
Doris Hubbs, MD
Kingsport Consultants
John Hummel
Clinical Solutions Director
Perot System Healthcare Group
Elisa Kogan, MS, CCS-P
Director, Physician Practice
University of Illinois Medical Center
Kent Maurer, BS, AAS, AAS
Sr. VP, Information Services and CIO
Cook Children's Health Care System
Susan Miller, RN, FACMPE
Family Practice Associates of Lexington, KY
Roseanne Moore, BSN, MBA
Director of Clinical Applications and Operations
GWU Medical Faculty Assoicates
Susan Ordway,
HIS Advisor - DOQ-IT Program
Douglas Peterson, MD
CMO; Chief, Correctional HIS,
State of California
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Susan Postal, MBA, RHIA
Vice President
Health Information Management Systems
Hospital Corporation of America
Luis Adrian Rivera Pomales, MD, MBA, MPH,
Medical Director
PEB Corp.
Iris Spikes, RN, BS, MBA
Senior Systems Analyst
Health First
Angela Tiberio, MD
CMO; Associate Vice President
Rush University Medical Center

Physician Jurors
Kenneth Adler, MD, MMM
Medical Director of Information Technology
Arizona Community Physicians
Kenneth Bernstein, MD
Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer
Darin M. Camarena Health Centers, Inc.
Jennifer Brull, MD
President & CEO
Prairie Star Family Practice
H. Coren, MD
Nitin Damle, MS, MD, FACP
South County Internal Medicine, Inc.
Brian Foresman, DO, MS
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Indiana University
Duane Gainsburg, MD
Neurological Surgery
Edward Gold, MD, MBA
Senior Partner
Old Hook Medical Associates, LLC
Patricia Hale, MD, PhD, FACP
Glen Falls Hospital
Ronald Hughes, MD
Family Physician
Mark D. Kaufmann, MD
Lawrence Kent, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Case Western Medical School
Douglas Krell, MD
Ardent Health Systems
Andrew Lee, MD
Galion Community Hospital Physician Practice
Stephen Morgan, MD
Pediatric Associates of Greater Salem
Bruce Nelson, MD
Chief, Division of Basic and Clinical Immunology
Mission Internal Medical Group, Inc.
Stephen Newman, MD, MBA
Clinical Instructor
Robert Wood Johnson School
Daniel Shapiro, MD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine,
Boston University School of Medicine
Lahey Clinic
Paul Ullom-Minnich, MD
Partners in Family Care
Robert White, MD, MPH
New Mexico VA Health Care System
Steven Zuckerman, MD
The following list is the current vendors who are compliant with the CCHIT standard.
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Key: Company (Product and version) Date of CCHIT Certified status

· ABELSoft Corporation (ABELMed PM - EMR 7.0) 10/23/2006
· AcerMed, Inc.(AcerMed 1.0) 10/23/2006
· Advanced Data Systems Corporation (MedicsDocAssistant 3.0) 1/29/2007
· AllMeds, Inc. (AllMeds EMR Version 7) 4/30/2007
· Allscripts (HealthMatics Electronic Health Record 2006) 7/18/2006
· Allscripts (TouchWorks Electronic Health Record 10.2.3) 7/18/2006
· athenahealth, Inc. (athenaClinicals 0.15) 4/30/2007
· BizMatics, Inc. (PrognoCIS 1.81) 4/30/2007
· BMD Services (E-Paperless Practice V2.01) 4/30/2007
· BML MedRecords Alert LLC (Physician's Solution 3.0) 4/30/2007
· Bond Technologies (Bond Clinician EHR 2006) 10/23/2006
· Business Computer Applications, Inc. (PEARL EMR 6.0) 4/30/2007
· Catalis (Accelerator Graphical Health Record 4.111) 1/29/2007
· Cerner Corporation (PowerChart 2005.02) 7/18/2006
· Community Computer Service (MEDENT 16) 7/31/2006
· Companion Technologies (Companion EMR v8.5) 7/18/2006
· CPSI (Medical Practice EMR 14) 10/23/2006
· CureMD Corporation (CureMD 9.0) 4/30/2007
· Department of Defense, Military Health System (AHLTA 3.3* **) 4/30/2007
· Document Storage Systems, Inc. (vxVistA V1.0) 4/30/2007
· eClinicalWorks (eClinicalWorks Version 7.0 Release 2) 7/18/2006
· eClinicalWorks (eClinicalWorks Version 7.5) 2/6/2007
· Eclipsys Corporation (Sunrise Ambulatory Care 4.5) 10/23/2006
· EHS (CareRevolution 5.0i) 10/23/2006
· e-MDs (e-MDs Solution Series 6.1) 7/18/2006
· eMedicalFiles, Inc. (MDAware® 2.2) 4/30/2007
· Encite (TouchChart 3.3) 1/29/2007
· Epic Systems (EpicCare Ambulatory EMR Spring 2006) 7/18/2006
· GE Healthcare (Centricity® EMR 2005 Version 6.0) 7/18/2006
· GE Healthcare (Centricity® Practice Solution Version 6.0) 3/28/2007
· Glenwood Systems, LLC (GlaceEMR 2.0**) 4/30/2007
· gloStream, Inc. (gloEMR 3.5) 4/30/2007
· Greenway Medical Technologies (PrimeSuite 2007) 10/23/2006
· Henry Schein Medical Systems (MicroMD EMR 4.5) 1/29/2007
· iMedica Corporation (iMedica Patient Relationship Manager 2005, version 5.1) 7/31/2006
· iMedica Corporation (iMedica Patient Relationship Manager 2006, version 6.0) 11/15/2006
· Infor-Med Corporation (Praxis® Electronic Medical Records, version 3.4) 7/31/2006
· InteGreat Concepts, Inc. (IC-Chart Release 6.0) 1/29/2007
· iSALUS Healthcare (OfficeEMR 2007) 4/30/2007
· JMJ Technologies (EncounterPRO® EHR 5.0) 7/18/2006
· LifeWatch Technologies, Inc. - A LifeWatch Corp Company (LifeT.I.M.E. (7.100)) 1/29/2007
· LSS Data Systems (Medical and Practice Management Suite Client Server Version 5.5 (ServiceRelease 2.1)) 7/31/2006
· LSS Data Systems (Medical and Practice Management (MPM) Suite MAGIC Version 5.5, Service Release 2.1) 1/29/2007
· Marshfield Clinic (CattailsMD Version 5*) 1/29/2007
· McKesson (Horizon Ambulatory Care Version 9.4) 7/18/2006
· MCS-Medical Communication Systems (mMD.Net EHR 9.0.9) 7/18/2006
· MDLAND (MDLAND Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Systems 8.0) 4/30/2007
· MDTablet (MDTABLET 2.6.7) 4/30/2007
· MedAZ.net (MEDAZ 60720.001) 1/29/2007
· MedcomSoft (Record 2006 (V 3.0)) 7/18/2006
· Medical Informatics Engineering (WebChart 4.23) 7/18/2006
· Medical Messenger (Medical Messenger Astral Jet EMR 3.7.1) 4/30/2007
· Medicat (Medicat 8.8) 1/29/2007
· MedicWare (MedicWare EMR 7) 1/29/2007
· MedInformatix (MedInformatix V 6.0) 1/29/2007
· MediNotes Corporation (MediNotes e 5.0) 10/23/2006
· Meditab Software (Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) 2007) 1/29/2007
· MedPlexus, Inc. (MedPlexus EHR 8.5) 10/23/2006
· meridianEMR, Inc. (meridianEMR 3.6.1) 4/30/2007
· Misys Healthcare Systems (Misys EMR 8.0) 7/18/2006
· NCG Medical Systems, Inc. (dChart EMR 4.5) 2/9/2007
· Netsmart Technologies (Avatar PM 2006 Release 02) 10/23/2006
· NextGen Healthcare Information Systems (NextGen EMR 5.3) 7/18/2006
· Nightingale Informatix Corporation (myNightingale Physician Workstation 5.1) 7/18/2006
· Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.(Noteworthy EHR 5.4) 10/23/2006
· OmniMD (OmniMD EMR 6.0.5) 4/30/2007
· Partners HealthCare System, Inc. (Longitudinal Medical Record (LMR) 5.1.1*) 4/30/2007
· Point and Click Solutions, Inc. (OpenChart 8.0**) 4/30/2007
· Polaris Management, Inc. (EpiChart 5.2**) 4/30/2007
· PowerMed Corporation (Practice Suite Version 2) 4/30/2007
· Practice Partner (Practice Partner 9) 7/18/2006
· Practice Partner (Practice Partner 9.1) 11/18/2006
· Practice Partner (Practice Partner 9.2) 3/7/2007
· Prime Clinical Systems, Inc. (Patient Chart Manager 5.3) 4/30/2007
· ProPractica Inc.(Streamline MD 9.0.9) 10/23/2006
· Pulse Systems (Pulse Patient Relationship Management 3.1.1) 1/29/2007
· Sage Software(Intergy EHR by Sage v3.00) 7/18/2006
· Sage Software (Intergy EHR by Sage v3.50) 10/20/2006
· Sequel Systems, Inc. (SequelMed EMR V7.50) 4/30/2007
· Spring Medical Systems (SpringCharts EHR 9.0) 1/29/2007
· SSIMED (Emrge 6.0 Release 1.0) 1/29/2007
· SynaMed, LLC (SynaMed EMR 5.487) 4/30/2007
· Universal Software Solutions (VersaSuite 7.5) 1/29/2007
· UNI/CARE Systems, Inc. (Pro-Filer 2007.0.0) 4/30/2007
· Utech Products, Inc. (Endosoft 4/30/2007
· Visionary Medical Systems (Visionary Dream EHR 7.1) 1/29/2007
· Waiting Room Solutions (Waiting Room Solutions Practice Management System 3) 4/30/2007
· Workflow.com, LLC (Workflow EHR 2.1) 4/30/2007
· WorldVistA (WorldVistA EHR VOE/ 1.0) 4/30/2007

Choose CCHIT CertifiedSM Products
CCHIT is the recognized certification authority in the United States for EHR products - an independent, private-sector organization that sets the Gold Standard for EHRs.
A CCHIT CertifiedSM seal assures you that an EHR product meets basic requirements for:
· functionality (ability to carry out specific tasks)
· interoperability (compatibility with other products) and
· security (ability to keep your patients' information safe)
CCHIT works with all its stakeholders to gain consensus on certification criteria and testing processes related to the industry standards produced by healthcare standards development organizations (SDOs). Certification is a mechanism for enhancing the confidence and orderliness of the HIT marketplace. The inspection and testing process performed when certifying HIT products is based on agreed-upon standards, as well as unbiased inspection and/or testing.
Certification for ambulatory EHR products is available in 2006; inpatient EHR products will follow in 2007. CCHIT’s certification criteria and processes are created and piloted with physician input. CCHIT’s product test teams include three clinically experienced jurors, one of which must be a physician.
Get more information: CCHIT exhibits and presents at healthcare and medical meetings, and hosts public Town Halls and Town Calls. CCHIT eNews keeps you up-to-date on all CCHIT announcements and activities. CCHIT shares case studies from its broad stakeholder community.
Find CCHIT CertifiedSM EHRs: Look for certified products or ask vendors when they plan to certify their products.
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Information compiled 05/08/2007 Gary M. Levin M.D. Regional Coordinator IERHIO
Ref: http://trusted.md/ (RHIO MONITOR) http://healthtrain.blogspot.com/
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