Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Web Seminars from Microsoft

As I have traveled along the health highway several trains have either run over me or passed me by.
In some cases all is well, but in others I have been caught on the track and unable to “get out of the way”
In today’s world one has to be a visionary with an open mind to see all the possibilities that are on the horizon or already quietly developing without your knowledge. Knowledge is power and the limiting factor on gathering important knowledge for you as a physician is critical.
It is as important to know what not to read as it is to read the sources that are credible and reliable. One also has to have discernment to differentiate between them. Time is wasted reading the wrong material, time that would be better spent relaxing.
In your daily activities operating, seeing clinic patients, overseeing business affairs, and keeping up with CME, licensure, credentialing requirements, legal affairs and business plans it is no wonder you may be tired and/or fed up by the end of a day. Balance is key to medical practice success as is location is to real estate.
Are you an entrepreneur and own your practice, or does it own you? Almost all physicians see themselves as entrepreneurs, but they are not. We as physicians set up our own businesses but are truly just “technicians”, be it medical or business. Entrepeneurship is entirely different…..requiring visionary thinking, not replicating something already in existence.
Have you read “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber, or his new book “The Dreaming Room”? Mr Gerber gave an eloquent and exciting presentation via Microsoft Live Web Conference on Tuesday December 5 2006. This web presentation is now archived. Judging from this initial presentation sponsored by Microsoft, and Intel the remainder of the series will also be dynamite. The series can be found at:
· Michael Gerber, December 5. 'E-myth' author kicks off Office Live seminar series. Register now.
· Stephen Covey, December 12,=. Get free small business advice from Stephen Covey. Register now.
Microsoft Office Live Seminar: The Age of the Alpha Dog with Donna Fenn https://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/r.aspx?t=2&c=en-us&r=1287133118
Microsoft Office Live Seminar: Lessons of The Natural Entrepreneur with Andrè Taylor

Microsoft Office Live Seminar: Effectively Influencing Up with Marshall Goldsmith

Microsoft requires that you have a “Passport Account”. If you have a hotmail email or msn email you already have a “passport”. If not it is simple to acquire one.

I was surprised at the quality of these webinars, totally not technical in nature and of interest to all who are in business or the professions.
So, the health train is about to leave the station ..Will you be on it??
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