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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The ‘INBOX"’ for the Health Train Express


My morning routine opens with GMAIL, followed by my Google notifications, often they duplicate each other since I have my preferences set to notify me via email of notifications. (I know it seems redundant, but it helps somewhat to organize priority notifications.

Next is reviewing Google Reader (in the process of syncing with Feedly and Old Reader. as well as Newsblur).   At first the news about Google Reader going to the happy hunting ground was devastating, however we have adjusted accordingly with some unexpected positive consequences for all.


At this point I am reading my inmail subscriptions to several internet medical newsletters, including California Healthline and iHealthbeat, both publications of the California Health Care Foundation. (a non-profit organization) There is some redundancy in their reporting but not always. There are also a variety of subscriptions, such as the Medicare News Report, Inside Health Policy and a number of health care related social media sites filtered by hashtags on twitter. The only thing I will miss in Google Reader is it’s tight integration with Google + and Gmail overall.

My next stop is on my #hcsm twitter feed (I use tweetdeck as well to follow the following # tags,  #hitsm #aca #mhealth. Each week I review meetings that are being held. I can usually find their #tag at Symplur (the Hashtag Directory) I belong to several groups on Linkedin in the HIT and healthcare group  as well.

There’s more, however I have drifted away from health related issues..

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