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Friday, January 11, 2013

My Dream, or is it a Nightmare?


I’ve been doing my blog thing now since 2004, mainly because I like writing and the sound of my keyboard…clack clack, click click.

My spouse has threatened several times (actually a lot more) to get a new one, for some reason losing this keyboard would be like, well, I don’t know. I just know it soothes me. Here is the one I am thinking of getting. Readers please make further recommendations.  My marriage depends upon it.

On with my ‘sad’ story.  I blog because I love to do it. I have made some friends, but not so much from the blog, but knowing how to use twitter, facebook, pinterest, and Google + as inbound sources. Slowly I have built my following to 12,000 on Google, my twitter follower are mired down at about 900 (not exactly Paris Hilton, or Piers Morgan…..) a bit disheartening.

2013 is here and I have made a resolution.  Like you probably do, I read a number of blogs and networks that curate blogs.  My niche has always been health care or health information technology and health reform.

The actual numbers of people in this niche are miniscule compared to entertainment, artists, sports, general news, photographers, education, business and marketing.

I did not recognize where I had been failing until I read Derek Halpern and Social Triggers.

Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night wondering how KevinPhoMD, Matt Holt, Dr Anonymous, Edwin LeapDr Wes, Life as a Healthcare CIOScienceRoll and many others who live on the highest peaks of social media with thousands of followers, circlers,and likers….. As  sleep eludes me  I see a kaleidoscope of icons hovering over me like a bad migraine headache.


I see my blogging as a mixture of seriousness, humor, and the ever present desire for humans to be recognized.

I am off to incorporating Derek Halpern’s recommendations to become a social media ‘king’.

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