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Friday, January 4, 2013

Apologies Necessary


Mea Culpa !


We recently did some analytics for Health Train Express and our sister blog, Digital Health Space.  We notice a sharp uptick in the number of duplicate cross posts on twitter, facebook and Google plus.  Yecch !  I know how much I hate that, as I am sure you do.  So we are doing a serious revision of our IT structure.  The past year we have experienced a gradual and encouraging growth in our readership. While not as explosive as Google, our budget is a bit more Spartan.   The blogs are curated by Health Works Collective (thank you Joan Justice ) and Networked Blog. We are experimenting on Pinterest having heard that the demographics there are uniquely “Women” and we want to embrace that community. In fact I see that the majority of bloggers are ladies who love socializing. Women have always been more verbal than men as shown by the fact they excel in language skills at an early age of development.  I know that I cannot out-talk my better half….she will consistently wear me down and ‘win’ the argument.

So five me a week or so before you “unfriend” me, unfollow me, and report me to Google for ‘abuse’, spam, or for being a ‘troll"’. I promise to behave.

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